Meet the man behind the New River Brewery

The New River, as any Islington guide will tell you, is neither new, nor a river. The man-made waterway was dug in the early 17th century to bring fresh water from rural Hertfordshire into London. It has inspired many over centuries including, in 2015, John Bourdeaux who founded a brewery on its banks. Having enjoyed … Read More

A short pub Crawl in Archway

Archway has a number of pubs which date from the late Victorian period, when a change in licensing laws and the expansion of population in the area led to the building of ‘watering holes’ over a period of about  25 years up to 1899. So there is a range of architecture and internal design from … Read More

Archway Bridge Islington


Why visit? Archway, at the northern fringes of Islington, has a rich history that encompasses developments in public health, transport and welfare. Archway has also long been synonymous with Islington’s Irish community who’ve added their labour and culture to this part of London.  History  Archway takes its name from the original bridge that takes Hornsey … Read More