Joey Grimaldi – the First Clown

It’s February now and all Londoners know what that means, the circus is coming to town. Perhaps that concept has been lost in the last hundred years but it was often the case that February was the  month in which the circuses started to perform in the Capital.  In this blog post we remember a … Read More

Copenhagen House and Fields

Copenhagen House Copenhagen House was a famous tavern & tea-garden which stood in what is now Caledonian Park, N7, from the early 17th century until 1855.  As a pleasure garden it attracted Londoners keen to take tea, play skittles or fives (an early version of squash, said  to have be invented here), watch boxing (and … Read More

Barnsbury Wood

Barnsbury Wood

If you happen to find yourself in Barnsbury on a Tuesday afternoon, then I can recommend a visit to London’s smallest nature reserve. This is Barnsbury Wood and it has equally small opening hours; just 2-4pm on Tuesday afternoons (although slightly longer in the month of August).  The wood is the creation of George Thornhill … Read More


Why visit? Caledonian Road is an interesting place to visit because of the fascinating history provided by the Caledonian Asylum and the Caledonian Market. Today the road shows marked contrast between the western section dominated by post-war housing developments and the eastern side which was developed as fine Victorian housing. Running through the southern end … Read More