Compton Terrace

. One of the great things about walking around in Islington is the opportunity to come across unexpected hidden streets and some interesting architectureSuch is the case with Compton Terrace. Nestling alongside busy Upper Street (A1) is an interesting street featuring the splendid Union Chapel, Georgian-era terraced houses and some delightful community gardens.  To get … Read More

Meet the man behind the New River Brewery

The New River, as any Islington guide will tell you, is neither new, nor a river. The man-made waterway was dug in the early 17th century to bring fresh water from rural Hertfordshire into London. It has inspired many over centuries including, in 2015, John Bourdeaux who founded a brewery on its banks. Having enjoyed … Read More

Holloway Prison in WW2 – Diana Mosley

The Peabody Trust bought the site of former Holloway Prison from the Ministry of Justice in March 2019 and are committed to delivering 985 new homes, including 60% affordable housing. Their aim is to create a place that the whole community is proud of with new homes, community facilities, open space, and a Women’s Building. … Read More