One of London’s many delights to visit is Canonbury Tower, a rare surviving part of a grand Tudor domestic house and a pretty eccentric one at that. The building itself is an interesting curiosity and the stories about its inhabitants – real or apocryphal –  can only add to its appeal. A gunfight between Sir … Read More

Benjamin Britten in Islington

John Finn explores the celebrated composer’s multiple Islington addresses.  English Heritage’s blue plaques mark places where significant people have lived or worked, or where historical events have taken place. But alongside them in Islington you’ll also find green plaques doing pretty much the same job. Latterly, these have been installed annually as the result of … Read More

Compton Terrace

. One of the great things about walking around in Islington is the opportunity to come across unexpected hidden streets and some interesting architectureSuch is the case with Compton Terrace. Nestling alongside busy Upper Street (A1) is an interesting street featuring the splendid Union Chapel, Georgian-era terraced houses and some delightful community gardens.  To get … Read More

Roy Kerridge

Lieutenant-Commander Roy S. Kerridge: A British ‘Death or Glory Boy’? Or member of the ‘suicide squad’? Both terms were commonly ascribed to the Bomb Disposal Officers who regularly ran headlong into mortal danger in their attempts to defuse the many types of German bombs raining down over London during what became known as the Blitz. … Read More

The stolen Life of Nelly Power

If you walk north along Southgate Road from the Rosemary Branch pub, you could easily miss the plaque at number 97. It marks the house where Nelly Power, once a famous 19th century music hall singer and actress, lived and died.  Lottie Walker, a member of Islington Guided Walks and herself a performer, discovered Nelly … Read More

Canonbury Tower

A little way to the west of Canonbury Square, at the junction of Alwyne Place and Canonbury Place, is a square brick tower with many windows set on a diagonal, indicating the presence of a rising staircase inside. Passers-by are often intrigued by this building and its staircase which apparently goes nowhere. Those who investigate … Read More

The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

Those who journey to Islington and make their way to Canonbury Square via Upper Street and Canonbury Lane are pleasantly surprised to find an unexpected gem on their walk. Situated at the corner of Canonbury Square and Canonbury Road is a large Georgian property which is home to the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art. … Read More

Amy Levy, Pioneering Author

Out on the eastern most edge of Islington, on the border with Hackney, is an area known as Mildmay and, within it, the last resting place of the ashes of a notable young poet, novelist and essayist: her name was Amy Levy.  Today, if you wish to discover where she is located, you will have … Read More