The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

Those who journey to Islington and make their way to Canonbury Square via Upper Street and Canonbury Lane are pleasantly surprised to find an unexpected gem on their walk. Situated at the corner of Canonbury Square and Canonbury Road is a large Georgian property which is home to the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art. … Read More

Amy Levy, Pioneering Author

Out on the eastern most edge of Islington, on the border with Hackney, is an area known as Mildmay and, within it, the last resting place of the ashes of a notable young poet, novelist and essayist: her name was Amy Levy.  Today, if you wish to discover where she is located, you will have … Read More

houses in Canonbury Square

The Artistic Life of Canonbury Square

Sit in the gardens of Canonbury Square – east or west – and, despite the din of the lorries heading down the Canonbury Road that divides it, something of the peace and quiet of a London square still remains. The attractive gardens, maintained by a dedicated band of local volunteers, with some unusual and exotic … Read More


Why visit this area? Islington is a borough of contrasts, both in the prosperity of its residents and the environment they inhabit, and if there’s one area that could be said to express this most, it is Canonbury and Mildmay Park. From Highbury New Park across to Southgate Road, and south to the Regent’s Canal, … Read More