All aboard through the Islington tunnel!

In addition to leading walking tours in Islington our guide Chris Annus also regularly takes to the water… As a guide for the London Canal Museum I’m incredibly lucky to not only share the history of the Regent’s Canal with people but also take them through one of its atmospheric tunnels on our very own … Read More

How Islington became Caledonian

Iain Monaghan reveals how Islington acquired a Caledonian Road, two ‘Caledonian Road’ stations, the Caledonian Estate and Caledonian Park… The story of how Islington has so many places named ‘Caledonian’ can be traced back to a single, long-demolished building: the Caledonian Asylum. The Caledonian Asylum was a charitable residential school founded by wealthy Scots in … Read More

Benjamin Britten in Islington

John Finn explores the celebrated composer’s multiple Islington addresses.  English Heritage’s blue plaques mark places where significant people have lived or worked, or where historical events have taken place. But alongside them in Islington you’ll also find green plaques doing pretty much the same job. Latterly, these have been installed annually as the result of … Read More

Benjamin Franklin, a Founding Father in Finsbury

Benjamin Franklin is one of history’s most famous Americans. Lulu Martyn-David explains the Founding Father’s deep links to our patch of London.  Born: Boston, Massachusetts 17 January 1706Died: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 17 April 1790 What is a man who was born and died in America in the 18th century doing here on our latest Finsbury blog? Not just any man, but a … Read More


Welcome to the newsletter of Clerkenwell & Islington Guides, walks and events for April, and to start, some information about some free walks that are taking place this coming Wednesday, the 5th of April: The following walks take place during April, with some running into May: Burnings, Butchery & Black Death: London’s Bloody Past Travel … Read More