Documents for members

At the bottom of this page there are a series of folder headings.  Click on a heading to see the documents available in this folder to members.  Click on a document to open or click right to download the document.


A separate entry for each AGM, this is where you’ll find the Minutes of the AGMs (this one and the previous year’s) and the Chair’s report as presented at the AGM. At the appropriate time of year (running up to the AGM) there is also a nomination form for places on the Management Committee.

The Clerks Well Folder

All guides who take people into the Clerk’s Well Gallery in Well Court must read the Clerk’s Well safety fact sheet and abide with the conditions included in the document.   There is also a document that explains how to get the keys.

The Constitution Folder

This includes a copy of the current constitution and rules of CIGA.

Management Committee Folder

This includes a list of contact details for the members of the management committee. There is also a job description for CIGA’s Secretary, drawn up in March 2017 and a job description for the Treasurer’s post.

Insurance Folder

Details of the insurance provided by CIGA for members whether working on CIGA walks or on their own walks.


This includes the Financial Report for each year.