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If you want a document please contact   The only way to add a walk is to either use WordPress directly (you need a username) or send full details of the walk to and we’ll add it for you.


A list of our documents including our Constitution, Insurance and other matters is now available on our documents page.

Adding a walk to our home page

The new walk entry system is now working – this is suitable for people who only want to add the occasional walk or first time users – it can also be used the first time you enter a new walk as it enables you to add new locations or walk photos.

If you plan on adding lots of walks (or repeat walks) then you need to sign in to WordPress – to do this you will need a username to be created – please contact to get this.  Note the username is normally in the form FirstnameSecondname (ie DavidBrown).

Issues that need to be born in mind when adding walks:

  • you need a page that describes the walk.  More on this below, but most walks are booked in advance and hosted on Eventbrite (this could be through our Eventbrite Account if you don’t use another Eventbrite system or any event booking system).  It is also possible to put up turn up and pay on the day walks. These require a simple static webpage that describes the walk.   More on each approach below.
  • you need a photo that describes the walk – it needs to be a picture you have the right to use – and will be typically the photo that appears on the Eventbrite page .  The easiest way of getting a photo  is to take it yourself, but you can also use existing pictures on our website as well (or photos on our Flickr Group – if you use Flickr and are willing to allow your images to be used by other members please add them to this group – at the time of writing it contains over 300 photos..)
  • you need a starting location – this needs to be something that people can find easily, and we recommend starting at a tube station.  When specifying where to meet people (on your Eventbrite or web page) you need to be explicit – tell people exactly where you will be and how they will recognise you – and include a mobile number.
  • you should have an organiser profile on our website including a photo of you (this needs to show your face).  If you don’t have one, please send a photo of yourself to (the final picture shown is small, so we will cut down large photos to focus on your face), and then use ‘add a new organiser’ on the form.

The form for entering walks  is available here.   The fields are pretty obvious – the ‘learn more/Eventbrite link’ is for the eventbrite or web page address (and it doesn’t need to be eventbrite – you can use any booking service).   If you need to you can create a new event location (you don’t need to fill out all the details – the web team can do that later) and a new event organiser if it is the first time you have used the new system.   If you can’t get the add photo to work, then the web team can add the photo if you email it to them (or in most cases just describe what photo you need).

When you enter a new walk, it will be become live – so you can see what it looks like.  The admin team will also be notified, and may go in, make sure it is ok, add photos.

If you get a WordPress username then you can log in to duplicate an existing or past walk so you don’t need to enter all the information again (just remove the ‘copy’ element of the name,  change the date and time fields and the Eventbrite link).   But note that the WordPress username route doesn’t allow you to edit starting locations or your profile – that has to be done by the web site team.

Any questions or problems please contact the Webmaster at who would be delighted to help you in getting your walks on the system.

For turn up and pay on the day walks

You can use any internet page that describes the walk, the starting place, and the cost of the walk.  Good examples are those at:

If you have a walk you want to do and do not have your own web page then we can add one to the web site.  Please let our webmaster ( know what the page should say and it will be loaded on our site and the webmaster will provide you with the title of the page.

For book in advance walks

You need to use a booking service.  We strongly recommend Eventbrite.  You can use your own entries in Eventbrite, or join a guiding group like Footprints of London, or create your own entries on the CIGA Eventbrite service.   We are happy to help CIGA members to get to grips with using Eventbrite – again contact the webmaster ( for assistance).

If there are any problems with adding a walk to our web site, please let our webmaster know (

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