Uploading Walks to the Website and for the Newsletter

There are currently two ways to upload your walks to the Website.

Preferred Method for Website and Newsletter

The form below is the easiest method to upload your walks. Completing the form will:

  • add your walk to the “Our Walks” page of the website as one of thewalks in the matrix of photo walks
  • provide the details so that your walk will be added to the Monthly Newsletter. This will ensure details of your walk is sent to subscribers of the CIGA website

Photos uploaded through the form should be in Portrait format and must be your own photos, or you have written permission to use them.

This form is the ONLY method to include your walk in the monthly newsletter emailed to subscribers. Your walk will normally be added to the website within 48 hours.


Legacy Method – Adding a walk to our home page using WordPress

Walks added using this method will NOT appear in the monthly newsletter.

You will need a username (usually this will look like firstnamesecondname all one word, all lowercase) and a password (get this from [email protected]) and then sign in at   When you sign in the system will remember you for a while, but will eventually need the password again – so keep it somewhere safe. 

You should arrive at a dashboard screen – this includes a black row at the top of the page and at the right it should say hi, firstnamesecondname.   This shows you have signed in successfully.  You need to be signed in to go to the next step.  

In the left hand margin you should see Events.  To add a new event, Click on Events, and then on Add Event. This takes you to a form in two columns, and has many different things that you could fill out.  All you need to do is

  • where it says “ADD TITLE” at the top of the left column, replace with the title of your walk (you can copy and paste from your Eventbrite event)
  • Where is says “Start writing or type / to choose a block”, replace with the description of your walk (you can copy and paste from your Eventbrite event)
  • Please ignore Event subtitle
  • Under Time and Date, select the start and end date and time of the event. 
  • Ignore the timezone
  • Select Virtual Event – at this point it will add a set of fields that allows you to enter the Zoom call address if you wish – but I’d recommend using the Eventbrite ticket booking link (you have to provide a link for the walk to register as a virtual event – but if you use the Zoom details, you may be leaving Zoom details open to users of this form, and you probably prefer them to use Eventbrite instead)
  • Select Organizer (should be you – create one if you are not on the dropdown list – should read your name, Islington Guided Walks)
  • Learn More Link should be the Eventbrite Booking Link. 
  • now move to the second smaller right hand column (or click the gearwheel at the top of the page if it is not present), and ensure that the Event tab is selected
  • Change the author to you in the dropdown list
  • Select right categories for Walk Type and Local Area
  • Under Event Image click on “Set Event Image” – this allows you to select an existing image in our library of images, or upload a new one (you must own the rights to this image if you upload one). The picture used for the Eventbrite booking is a good choice.  If you do upload a new image, please save it in the “Guides Walks” gallery. 
  • Now hit publish at the top right of the page (it’s easy to forget to do that, and nothing changes on the live site until you do.)
  • And the walk should now be live.

If you want to alter a walk go to Events and find your event in the list of events.  When you run your cursor over the title of your walk you will get options to Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View or Duplicate.   Use Edit to make changes.  If you use Duplicate you can modify the copied walk – changing time and date (and eventbrite link, and then publish it). 

Any questions or problems please contact the Webmaster at [email protected] who would be delighted to help you in getting your walks on the system.

For turn up and pay on the day walks

You can use any internet page that describes the walk, the starting place, and the cost of the walk.  Good examples are those at:

If you have a walk you want to do and do not have your own web page then we can add one to the web site.  Please let our webmaster ([email protected]) know what the page should say and it will be loaded on our site and the webmaster will provide you with the title of the page.

For book in advance walks

You need to use a booking service.  We strongly recommend Eventbrite.  You can use your own entries in Eventbrite, or join a guiding group like Footprints of London, or create your own entries on the CIGA Eventbrite service.   We are happy to help CIGA members to get to grips with using Eventbrite – again contact the webmaster ([email protected] for assistance).

If there are any problems with adding a walk to our web site, please let our webmaster know ([email protected]).

(c) Clerkenwell & Islington Guides’ Association, 2021