Roy Kerridge

Lieutenant-Commander Roy S. Kerridge: A British ‘Death or Glory Boy’? Or member of the ‘suicide squad’? Both terms were commonly ascribed to the Bomb Disposal Officers who regularly ran headlong into mortal danger in their attempts to defuse the many types of German bombs raining down over London during what became known as the Blitz. … Read More

A pub crawl along the Underground River Fleet

Sally Stevens drops in on some of the hostelries that remind us of the presence of Clerkenwell’s hidden river. The Fleet River, the largest of London’s hidden rivers, may have disappeared underground but at street level there is evidence of its earlier use as a clean water source for brewing and gin making at the … Read More

When Shakespeare Came to Holloway

It is unknown whether William Shakespeare ever passed through Holloway in his lifetime, but his literary presence was felt strongly in the area in 1976, when the St. George’s Theatre was opened at the junction of Tufnell Park Road and Carleton Road. The theatre was housed in the former St. George’s Church, designed by George … Read More

Joey Grimaldi – the First Clown

It’s February now and all Londoners know what that means, the circus is coming to town. Perhaps that concept has been lost in the last hundred years but it was often the case that February was the  month in which the circuses started to perform in the Capital.  In this blog post we remember a … Read More