London – Part 2

26Which London landmark’s name is derived from the Greek for “empty tomb”?the Cenotaph
27According to the Ordnance Survey, where is the centre of London?Accept “Trafalgar Square” although, strictly speaking, it’s just south of and by the equestrian statue of Charles I
28The original “Red Light District”, from ~1100, was south of the Thames at Bankside, today’s Borough. Who or which organisation operated it?The Church, more specifically The Bishop of Winchester; the women who worked there were known as “Winchester Geese” . One of the “stews” or brothels was called the “Cardinal’s Hat”.
29Which children’s author donated the royalties from his most famous work to Great Ormond Street Hospital?J M Barrie
30Which internationally prominent politician was present at the unveiling of his own statue, along with the then Prime Minister, in Parliament Square in 2007?Nelson Mandela (with Gordon Brown)