The Mayor’s Charity Walk 2014

Picture of Islington Town Hall
Islington Town Hall -Source Matt Brown on Flickr

Clerkenwell and Islington guides will lead a Charity Walk for the Mayor of Islington on Saturday 26th April, starting at 11:00 outside Islington Town Hall and ending at the Freighliners Farm.   No booking required – just turn up. Donations (£5 suggested per person, more welcome!) will be collected on the day.

The walk is called Islington: town and country; rich and poor and  cover Islington’s development from rural ‘idyll’ to urban ‘chic’, a process which should not be over-simplified; on this walk these ideas will be put into perspective and contrasts explored, revealing the harsher aspects of the area’s transformation as well as celebrating what it was and is now…

Money raised from the walk will go to the Mayor’s nominated charities  Freightliners Farm, and Islington Giving.

For more details please visit the walk page at Islington: town and country; rich and poor