Anthony Astaix

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Guided tours in French: Medieval Clerkenwell, Canonbury, St John's Gate, City of London, Guildhall Art Gallery

I’m French and have been living in London for a decade.
I worked as a chief editor specialized in Continental French law and I always loved discovering the layers of history and the traces of the individuals, especially in the old legal texts. That led me to study genealogy and palaeography and I traced my ancestry back to the 15th c. (no hidden king I’m afraid).

But, more important, I am fascinated by the history of London and Britain. I enjoy bringing to life characters and events from the past and trying to put these events into perspective with the history of England’s favourite enemy: once more unto the breach dear friends, once more, France!

I am an official City of London Guide and Clerkenwell and Islington Guide. I also guide at St John’s Gate, Canonbury, St James, Hammersmith, Guildhall Art Gallery, etc.


Areas covered: