Site Tours

Islington Guided Walks provides guides to some of Islington’s oldest and most fascinating buildings:

  • Museum of the Order of St John in Clerkenwell. Choose one of two tours. One focuses on the story of the medieval Order of St John and the remains of the Priory  that once dominated the St John’s Square area and the other focuses on the modern Order of St John, the story of St John Ambulance and the interior of St john’s Gate. More information on the Museum website, our guides can also lead private groups, but bookings need to be done through the Museum.
  • The Charterhouse in Smithfield – tours take place throughout the week and need to be booked at the Charterhouse website.  Some (but not all) guides are  Clerkenwell and Islington Guides’ Association members.                                                                                                              (Whilst you are in the Clerkenwell/Smithfield area we also recommend our Clerkenwell’s Monastic Quarter Walking Tour which highlights the areas history as an important monastic centre. see Our Walks Page for upcoming dates.)
  • Union Chapel Compton Terrace – See the Union Chapel website 
  • Canonbury Tower in Canonbury – tours take place twice a month, and Islington Guided Walks can organise group tours. Our public tours are listed on the Canonbury Tower page, and group tours can be organised by contacting [email protected]
  • Caledonian Clock Tower and Park. Discover the history of the Caledonian Cattle Market and climb to to the top of the newly restored Clock Tower. To book a clock tower tour and for important safety information click here. To book a tour of the park, ideal for those who are not able to climb the clock tower or want to explore the history of the market from a different angle click here