Round 1

Islington People Part 1

1Which detective solved the murder of Mrs. Emmeline Hunt in a 3rd. floor flat in Florin Court, Charterhouse Square?
2White faced clowns, often with conical hats, are referred to as “Joeys’” but which Islington performer was the first “Joey”, said to have given their name to the character?
3Lilian Baylis saved Sadler’s Wells Theatre in the first quarter of the C20. Who did she appoint as her dance director who made Sadler’s Wells synonymous with ballet and went on to found the National, now Royal, Ballet Company?
4George Leybourne was paid by Moët Chandon to drink their product whilst he performed at Collins Music Hall, Islington Green. What was George’s stage name?
5The site of the Bell Public House on Upper Street was said to be the home of which Elizabethan and Jacobean courtier?