Round 2

Islington Places Part 1

6Where in Islington did The Beatles (an English Pop group) perform their Xmas concert (on Xmas Eve 1963)? The name of the venue please.
7Which publication, described as Britain’s first feminist magazine, was published in Clerkenwell Close from 1972?
8Milton Street, EC1 was once the home of “poor writers of weak will and mistaken ambition” and became notorious for scurrilous journalism. What was its previously called?
9Which river historically separated Clerkenwell from Holborn?
10St Johns Gate, off Clerkenwell Road, was the Tudor entrance to the Priory of St John, the English Headquarters of an international order of warrior-monks who fought in the Crusades. What was the formal name of this order (to distinguish it from approx. 10 other similar orders fighting in the Crusades)?