Islington People – Part 2

11The original bridge taking Hornsey Lane over the Archway Road was built in 1813 and became known as “The Arched Way” because it was based on a classical Roman viaduct. It was demolished and replaced in 1900 but who designed the original Archway?John Nash, also architect of the Brighton Pavillion
12Which punk was born in Benwell Road Holloway?Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols
13After whom is the area of “Barnsbury” named?Ralph De Berners and his descendants who owned the land from ~1250 to 1533. Possibly a corruption of “Bernersburg” or “Bernersborough”.
14Who married music hall artiste Belle Elmore and lived in Hilldrop Crescent?Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen
16Today, the Charterhouse provides sheltered accommodation for single pensioners but who founded the original almshouse?Thomas Sutton