Additional member services

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CIGA documents

These are all stored on a shared dropbox folder. If you are a member you should have been sent the link to this.  It contains

  • the constitution
  • minutes of committee meetings
  • walking plans for each of the routes
  • latest publicity material
  • instructions on obtaining the key for the Clerks Well.
  • signs that identify you as a CIGA guide when meeting guests
  • details of the third party insurance

CIGA rota/calendar

Dates of the committee meetings, weekly rota walks and social events are available on a shared calendar maintained by committee members.  Anyone can download the details of this calendar to an online calendar or access it here.

Membership details

Please  update them by visiting our mailing list manager Mailchimp.   Adding your information means that you will:

  • be added to the members mailing list
  • be sent details of the shared documents folder
  • have your name and if you choose a web address added to our list of members

Membership fees

Please use this link to pay your fees directly or to download a standing order mandate form which you complete and send to your own bank.