All Around the Houses (Essex Road to Regent’s Canal)

Part of the proceeds from this walk will support the Arlington Association's fund-raising for local charities and to maintain Arlington Square’s garden. --------------------------------------- Keep it to yourself, but the streets between Essex Road and the Regent's Canal form one of Islington's hidden pockets of tranquility and beauty. See a microcosm of Islington's history, heritage and ... Read More

Clerkenwell: London’s First Suburb

Monks, nuns, courthouses, rookeries, radicals, distillers, pubs, crafts, trades and architecture On this circular walk from/to Farringdon Station, now one of the best connected stations in all of London, you will: • Learn about Clerkenwell's Norman and medieval monastic heritage. • Discover Clerkenwell's tradition for radicalism, dissent and protest. • Understand its growth from rural ... Read More

Up and Down Upper Street

Islington, now the most densely populated London borough, was for centuries famed for its pastures, dairies, fresh water wells and pleasure gardens. Today, this inner urban borough offers an eclectic range of modern shops, restaurants, theatres, pubs and cafes, but its history remains there, hidden in plain sight. At the heart of Islington is Upper ... Read More

Bleeding Hearts and Body Parts

Time to take your rose tinted history specs off…. Farringdon and Smithfields have always been associated with gore and bloodshed. For centuries, these two areas of London were the sites of public executions, and the blood of countless criminals was spilt on their streets. In more recent times, Farringdon has had its fair share of ... Read More

Islington’s Big Screens

A stroll through more than 100 years of Islington cinema-going; all between Angel and Essex Road stations. You’’ll encounter Victorian showmen, architectural wonders and tales of bad behaviour in the stalls. Come to discover hidden gems and hear what a night ‘at the flicks’ was like decades before multiplexes. In addition to such landmarks as ... Read More