Charterhouse Tours

CIGA Guided Tours at The Charterhouse.

Clerkenwell & Islington Guides’ Association (CIGA)guides are now leading tours at The Charterhouse.

The Charterhouse is situated in the south of the borough close to Smithfield meat market.

It’s rich history dates back to 1348 when the site was a burial ground for victims of the Black Death. In the course of it’s long history it has been a monastery, a fine Tudor mansion, a school for boys and, from 1611 right up to the present day, an almshouse.

Whilst the chapel and fascinating new museum at the Charterhouse are open to the public a guided tour takes visitors to many other areas of the complex and reveals tranquil courtyards, ancient cloisters and grand Tudor interiors.

CIGA guides lead the 2:45pm tour everyday except Mondays. Click here to book a tour